22 July 2013 - BBC 'From our own correspondent' News Feature on Polynesian Navigators

"Two ocean-going canoes have returned to New Zealand after an epic voyage to Easter Island by Polynesian navigators using traditional craft. The revival of ancient skills continues to gather momentum and has great cultural and political significance for the indigenous people of the Pacific." 


Polynesian navigators revive a skill that was nearly lost


3 Sept, 2011 - Documentary on the Camel

The UK's Channel 4, as part of their documentary series 'Inside Nature's Giants', has recently looked at the Camel - 30 August 2011. The documentary is based in Australia where Dromedary camels were introduced in the 19th century for transport as the country was developed. Eventually no longer needed they were left to roam wild and now number well over a million and form the largest feral camel population in the world. However their success as a non-indigenous species with no natural predators has meant some culling has to take place.

The programme focused on showing - through a dissection of a culled camel - how the camel is so well adapted to desert environments; a fascinating insight into the camel's anatomy and physiology that enables it to deal with heat and lack of water. Unfortunately not available on 4oD anymore, but some information and a short clip can be seen here:Inside Nature's Giants: The Camel

14 Dec 2010: NEW SPECIES - Who says the world is all explored? - ten new species only scratches the surface of what has been found this decade...

Top ten new species

"Decade of Discovery, a collaboration between Conservation International and the BBC's Natural History Unit, will be broadcast at 20.00BST on Tuesday 14 December on BBC Two".