The all important water bottle


If you refill from eco-friendly jerry cans rather than plastic mineral water bottles this is much easier if the neck of the water bottle is wide as with a Nalgene type water bottle. These also come with ‘feeder’ tops so that you can slug as you walk without looking like a baby that’s spilt his drink down his front.


Sigg type bottles have narrow necks and dent easily though they look good. The narrow neck makes refilling a pain. Avoid at all costs imitation Siggs as the threads strip and they quickly become useless. One litre Nalgenes and other secure wide topped plastic bottles are probably the best bottles.


In Egypt you can very cheaply buy a soft insulated carrier that will take any kind of bottle including a Nalgene. Or you could make your own insulator out of a strip of carrymat glued to the bottle. Leave the water out over night and it will, with the insulated cover remain deliciously cool all day.


The Bedouin have improved on their old leaky guerba that used to drip water and by evaporation remain cool. They stitch a quilt cover around a cleaned out oil container and soak it in water. The evaporation keeps the water cool even in 40 degree heat.