Dakhla Oasis to Confluence point N25 E28

Dakhla Oasis to Confluence point N25 E28

"Just a quick note to thank you for a great trip. It was a real privilege and I really, really enjoyed the whole thing. Great, genial group as well and it was a shame it had to end"  Helen W., London.

“The whole trip was a unique and remarkable adventure – truly memorable” Ifor R., Oxford

"Had a great time and would love to do it again" George P., London

"Many of us chose to sleep out in the open where we could lay and look in wonder at the stars .....it's hard to put in words how brilliant the night sky is and I'd never seen the Milky Way so clearly ....we had to learn skills such as tracking, direction finding by the sun ....desert bread-making and survival skills bedouin-style"......" A fantastic way to top off a great expedition". (reaching the confluence point) , Bob and Spencer T., Cardiff.


"Thank you for the opportunity to escape into the beautiful desert nothingness; it is everything! Although we saw no one, but no one, for 11 days, the artifacts, remains of dwellings and rock inscriptions that were all in relative abundance during the expedition, conveyed the presence of those who had lived in this land and gone before us. The desert is addictive; thank you for the fix!" John C., Leeds