The Stars by Hans Rey

The Stars - a new way to see them

First published in 1952 this is a classic book in practical star recognition. The author Hans Rey re-drew the constellations in shapes that resembled their names...'All I did was draw straight lines between the stars of a constellation in such as way that the resulting shape makes sense. What surprises me is that nobody has done it before. The basic idea is so simple'. The enlarged world-wide edition is the one to buy.

Highly recommended!

The Art of Travel: or shifts and contrivances available in wild countries

First published in 1855, The Art of Travel by Francis Galton was revised regularly until the 5th edition published by John Murray in 1872. Three more editions followed but with no further changes. Phoenix Press published this paperback of the 1872 edition in 2000. 


The Art of Travel became the key reference book for Victorian travellers and still has useful information for the present day. Although often very politically incorrect, reflecting the attitudes of the time, it provides a fascinating insight into Victorian exploration and skills.  The text is illustrated with many line drawings.

You can download a pdf facsimile from: - The Art of Travel