Deserts: a very short introduction

Published in 2009 as part of the OUP's series of 'very short introductions', this is an ideal starting point to learn about deserts.


The book covers desert climates, landscapes, nature, peoples and 'connections' (interactions between deserts and the rest of the world).





Desert Geomorphology

Based on sixty years of research in all the desert areas of the world, this is intended to be the definitive text on the geomorphology of deserts. Fully informed by the most recent research findings from terrestrial satellite imagery, the study of planetary landscapes, and advances in laboratory work..... A greatly expanded and totally revised successor to "Geomorphology in Deserts" (Cooke & Warren 1970), the book is comprehensive in scope, profusely illustrated and complete with a bibliography of over 2000 entries".


Currently I have just the 1970 book 'Geomorphology in Deserts' which you may be able to pick up second hand.


SAND: a journey through science and imagination

Published in 2009 by OUP. Available in hardback and paperback.  


"This book is all about sand - sand in individual grains, each one a little different; sand in piles; sand in shoals and dunes; the science of sand but also, shot through the book, sand and imagination - the art and the music of sand".





Great Warm Deserts of the World

Published by OUP in 2002.

This is a beautifully produced and definitive reference book with twenty four colour photographs, forty one b/w photographs, one hundred and sixty two figures and thirty three tables.....


Contains an introductory chapter on desert diversity followed by chapters on each of the main warm desert regions of the world:


The Deserts of North America
The Deserts of South America
The Sahara
The Libyan Desert
The Namib
The Kalahari and the Southern African Interior
The Middle East
The Deserts of India and Pakistan
The Deserts of Central Asia and China


A Guide to Deserts

A useful introductory guide to deserts with many photographs and illustrations.