Drei Monate in der libyschen Wüste - Gerhard Rohlfs

First published by Cassel in 1875 and republished by the Heinrich Barth Institute, Koln in 1996. The book covers the journeys made by Gerhard Rohlfs and his team over three months in the 'Libyan Desert' (Western Desert of Egypt) during 1873 and 1874. The book is in German and includes a copy of the map in the original publication. 


Gerhard Rohlfs was one of the most famous German explorers of Africa in the 19th century.


This hardback edition is produced to a high standard and can be bought direct from Koln University: Koln University Bookshop

The Lost Oases

First published in 1925, Hassanein Bey's classic travel book recounts his seven month, two thousand mile journey through the Libyan desert during which found the 'lost' oasis of Uweinat and caves with rock art.








Arabian Sands

Wilfred Thesiger's classic account of his journeys through The Empty Quarter between 1945 and 1950.








Desert, Marsh & Mountain

Originally published as a large format hardback in 1979 by William Collins, this book by Thesiger contains an autobiographical narrative of many of his journeys in these three terrains of Desert, Marsh and Mountain - illustrated by black and white photographs (it is worth having the book just for these).


Currently the book is still available new in a paperback edition published by Flamingo in 1995.


I have a 1993 edition published by Motivate Publishing who are a leading publisher in the Gulf - the production quality does the photographs justice and it is worth looking for a good second hand copy of this edition - try abebook


Desert Songs: A woman explorer in Egypt and Sudan

by Arita Baiijens